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We only install the best parts, ensuring top quality. All CPE branded parts are made right here in the USA.

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We only use experienced techs that know Porsche vehicles and LS motors inside & out. Only experienced hands will touch your build.

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With a 5-Star Rating on Google and years of experience. You can trust us with your Porsche LS conversion.

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Over 30+ in-house conversions/$1mm in conversion parts sold helping over 100+ DIY customers since 2018.

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Since our inception in 2018, we at CPE have dedicated ourselves to mastering the art of Porsche LS engine swaps and manual transmission conversions. Our commitment to quality work and parts is unwavering; we only install the finest components, ensuring that your Porsche operates at its peak.

Proudly, all CPE branded parts are manufactured right here in the USA, embodying our pledge to support local craftsmanship and guaranteeing unparalleled quality.

Our team is comprised of only seasoned technicians who possess an intimate knowledge of Porsches and LS motors.

With over 30 in-house conversions and more than $1 million in conversion parts sold, we've aided over 100 DIY enthusiasts in achieving their dream builds. Rest assured, only experienced hands will touch your project, reflecting our dedication to excellence and precision.

At CPE, we're not just about building a Porsche; we're about elevating your Porsche experience.

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Why Convert your Porsche to an LS Motor?

Considering an LS engine swap for your Porsche? We're experts in Porsche LS V8 swaps and Porsche manual transmission conversions. Since GM introduced the LS engine in 1997, the world of custom cars has seen lasting change due to the quality of the engine and its ability to improve the function of almost any car that makes the swap.

If your water cooled (or air cooled) Porsche has suffered a catastrophic engine failure and are considering ways to improve the reliability as well as performance enter the ‘LS engine swap’. Since being introduced by GM in ‘97, LS engines have been fitted into just about every chassis due to its ability to improve on said chassis’ original power plant all while increasing reliability, performance, and simultaneously decreasing maint/repair costs. Such a statement rings especially true when held up against the problematic Porsche non-Turbo/non-GT M96/7 engines!

What Is An LS Engine Swap?

An ‘LS engine swap’ is the process of replacing your vehicle’s current engine w/ that of a GM LS series motor. While all motors in the LS series are an all-aluminum block construction and retain the same external dimensions they come in a variety of displacement (i.e. - 5.7L->7.0L) and as a result different horsepower/torque ratings! An ‘LS engine swap’ is a common tactic for improving the reliability and power of whatever vehicle one finds itself in.

Reasons To Consider An LS Engine Swap

LS engines offer a range of benefits over most other options from reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance; there’s also an LS engine to suit just about every application power wise as well as budget. As a result LS engines have become the most popular swap option and despite originating in RWD Camaros and Corvettes one can now find them in Hondas, Mazdas, and now even AWD Porsches!

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Our Parts are Made in the U.S.A.

All CPE branded parts used in our bulds are made right here in the USA.

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Work With The Pros for your Porsche LS Engine Swap

Whether you are considering an LS engine swap for your current car project or you have begun the process but need a little assistance, be sure to keep a reliable car restoration shop among your contacts. The experts at Chavis Performance believe that a car project is more than just a hobby; it is an art. Reach out to the professionals if you need assistance with your next LS engine swap or to discuss which options may be right for you.

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Work With The Pros For An LS Engine Swap

If you are considering ways to improve the performance and build quality of the vehicle you are working on, one option is an LS engine swap. Since GM introduced the LS engine in 1997, the world of custom cars has seen lasting change due to the quality of the engine and its ability to improve the function of almost any car that makes the swap.

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